Our "why"

The topic of sustainability and alternative raw materials is currently on everyone's lips. Almost all products and our entire consumer behavior are being questioned.

As consumers, we often no longer even know which products are still good for us and our planet. Which products can we still use with a clear conscience today? The environmentally friendly alternatives to this are often impractical, colorless, boring and not durable. Finally, they remain unused in the corner.

For the most part, our children's favorite products are colorful and full of plastic. Plastic that, with an average degradation time of around 600 years, will survive for many of our future generations.

In 2017, we at Kleiner Fuchs made it our mission to offer all children and babies sustainable and practical products for everyday use. The fun and the quality should not be neglected.

We constantly question all of our products and processes - from the production process to the suppliers to the packaging and constantly optimize them. For example, our baby bowls and our stylish toddler plates are made of 100% sustainable and natural bamboo. Our packaging and shipping materials are 100% plastic and plastic free. The bamboo used comes exclusively from FSC®-certified forests . The FSC® trademark is awarded to wood products that come from well-managed forests. The aim of this initiative is to achieve an improvement in forest management worldwide.

With our products, we want to give the little ones in particular great, high-quality products. In this way, we offer our children the opportunity to make a positive contribution to a clean world at an early age, in addition to being able to eat independently.

" A clean world is a human right." – Dalai Lama