Porridge - Healthy porridge for your baby

In the first year of life, the baby grows faster than ever before. This rapid growth requires an optimal supply of nutrients right from the start.
Breast milk or baby food initially represents the best possible care for your baby. However, many parents soon ask themselves...

What comes after the milk? How do I best prepare the supplementary meals? Do I cook myself or do I buy jars? How do I know when my baby is ready for "solid food"?

Question after question arises. Linda's high-quality and very informative booklet contains practical tips and great recipe ideas that are based on the latest scientific findings and have been personally tested by her.

And who is Linda? We at KLEINER 🦊 FUCHS are very pleased that with Linda we have someone on board who has great expertise in baby and child nutrition. Together with her, we would like to deal with the topics of solid food and baby food even more comprehensively in the future and give you valuable information about it. Finally, a few personal words from Linda...


I'm Linda, happy mom to my sweet daughters Liv and Marlen. Ever since I was a child I have been passionate about cooking with fresh ingredients from my own garden.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter Liv, like every mother, I wanted from the start only the best for my little one and, of course, to do everything right. With all the books and information on the internet about complementary foods, this turned out to be more difficult than I initially thought.

After all, during my pregnancy I turned my passion for “healthy nutrition for children” into my vocation and completed training as a nutritionist for children. I focused on infant nutrition.

I've been advising parents in workshops and individual counseling for a few years now and I've found that every child is different. Nevertheless, there are some general tips and tricks as well as things worth knowing about starting complementary foods, which I would like to pass on to you in my first cookbook.

I am happy to support you in the best possible care of your little darling!

Have fun cooking.

All the best,


Linda Haane Author - Healthy recipes for your baby